Checking in- I'm still alive and have wood and bark on the brain.

Nearly two months have passed since the first addition of the series of thoughts on the Wood Culture Reniassance. I'm not going to be giving folks the low down on what I've been up too since then in detail and reflection, but I will say it's been fun!

gathering birch bark in the pouring rain

The past 2 months were full of handcraft, family, friends; both old and new, ideas; both good and bad, ale and conversations, folks stopping by and helping us out, one on one workshops, web sales, giving an evening slide show presentation, late night music jams, evening tattoos (I busted out my old equipment and gave one to myself) and plenty wood shaving, Oh yeah, and really good music as a soundtrack....

I've started to build my 10th birch bark canoe. If you are on Instagram or Twitter, I'm posting daily progress. Twitter  here and Instagram here. A fine fellow came down from the Yukon to help build this one and we are also joined by a few good friends and fellow woodworkers. Canoe building is a community event for me and it's always great to have folks around to help, visit with and share in the experience.

After the build April and I head over to the UK to visit friends and to teach spoon carving and basketry. More fun stuff.

I've also been writing two fairly heavy/heady posts on the The New Wood Culture series and they are almost ready. 

Busy, busy summer days. 

nice pile of bark, the rolls on top are over 3ft wide.

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