Advanced Spoon Carving Class-Ashland

Advanced Spoon Carving Class-Ashland


Advanced Spoon Carving Class-Ashland

August 10 & 11, 2019. in Ashland, WI

This course is for spoon carvers who have carved at least 2 dozen spoons in the past year.

We will go over basic and advanced knife grips, discuss one-offs and production work, go deep into design, beauty, and utilitarian function. We will practice our skills of observation by critiquing each others spoons as a group and encourage each other to go to the next level on our spoon carving journey. We will look at eating spoons and serving spoons, antiques and the latest designs, decorations, micro-finials, paint, and wood choices. We will discuss copying and developing our own individual style.

Bring your own spoons and favorites from your collection to share. On Saturday evening we will share a potluck dinner, play music, and hang out around the backyard fire. Classes are from 9:30-5pm, with an hour lunch, and a tea/coffee break.

COST: $250 including tea/coffee and lunches. Sorry, no refunds unless class is cancelled.

FOOD: Tea/coffee and omnivore lunches will be provided. Those with special diets should bring their own food to supplement what is offered.

LODGING: Camping, hotels, and AirBNBs are available in Ashland, WI.

SCHOLARSHIP opportunity: Full tuition is available for 2 spots in this class based on merit and need. Apply by contacting us here. Send photos of your spoons and a letter describing why you should be chosen. Applications due May 1st. These have been AWARDED.

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