Spoon Carving Oakland 2019

Spoon Carving Oakland 2019



Saturday-Sunday, May 11-12 in Oakland, CA

In this two day class participants will learn how to carve freshly harvested greenwood with simple and effective tools; the axe and slöjd (Swedish carving) knife. We will begin by demonstrating the process of converting whole logs into rough blanks using wedges and the carving axe. Then we will focus on learning some traditional knife grips while carving simple projects like chopsticks, spatulas, or butter spreaders. By day two we'll be carving spoons with the knowledge and skills gained.  Proper knife techniques as well as fine workmanship will be stressed. Throughout the class there will be short lectures, demonstrations and guided practice sessions on where to acquire, how to care for and sharpen your tools, refining your technique with the knife and axe, and understanding wood grain, design and how to treat your finished woodenware. Carvers with prior experience will be encouraged and challenged to go further in their technique and design skills.

Prerequisites: All skill levels welcome, however, please note that this course requires a basic amount of hand strength, stamina, and focus to be able to complete the projects listed. Being able to open a sealed jar is an example of basic hand strength. 

All tools and materials will be provided.  Saturday 9:30am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4:30pm. 45 min lunch break each day.

Workshop cost is $250. 

Sorry no refunds unless the workshop is cancelled. The workshop location and miscellaneous details will be sent via email one month prior to workshop unless requested otherwise. Email us here with any questions.

Jarrod Dahl has been working with wood professionally since 1996 and currently makes and sells his handcrafts online under the business name WOODSPIRITHANDCRAFT. He teaches handcraft both nationally and internationally.  His main focus is woodturning using a foot powered lathe and carving spoons with axe and knife. He has studied and researched older work in museum archives in US, Sweden and the UK, which has been a very influential part of his inspiration as a craftsperson. Jarrod brings extensive knowledge of harvesting natural materials, the use of hand tools, and a deeper philosophical, historical and pragmatic approach to handcrafts to his work and his workshops. www.woodspirithandcraft.com

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