Pole Lathe Hook Tool-End Grain Hook Pair

Pole Lathe Hook Tool-End Grain Hook Pair


This set of 2 hooks is designed for end grain turning. One is used for the diving/plunging cut and the other is used for finishing cuts from the bottom of the plunge back up to the rim.

This is a made to order item, shipped within 2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Jarrod has been forging and using hooks on a pole lathe as a professional pole lathe turner for 10 yrs. These designs have been developed out of his experience.

The hooks are forged from O1 tool steel. Because hooks have a tendency to break in misuse, Jarrod does not harden them. O1 has a tendency to “air harden” so the hooks do have edge holding qualities, yet are not overly brittle. We will not replace broken hooks. HOOK SALES ARE FINAL.

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