Birch Bark Canoe Building

I spent some time last week resting and trying to stay cool. Including the heat index it was well over 100 f.  That's pretty darn warm for working outside for me.  Later in the week things started to cool off, so I started getting the building bed ready. On Thursday Ian came by for a few days to help, he's going to build his first full size canoe later this summer and wanted to help and learn some things. I could use the help so it worked out great.  We rolled out the bark and staked it up. The bark was not wide enough for the full canoe, so we added panels to the sides and attached them with split root. We added the gunwales yesterday and got them all set to lash today. Things are moving right along.  I'm helping a few folks this weekend to build bowl lathes and forge bowl turning hooks and do a little turning so the canoe will have to sit until next week. Will post more then.
birch bark canoe builders bible
stakes and ready...dry run
rolled out bark with form atop
staking out the bark
digging jack pine root
bundling root and ready to coil up
Ian with about a hours work
splitting root
we have three buckets of peeled and split root