Ian's Birch Bark Canoe

This past weekend I went up to NorthHouse Folk School in Grand Marias, Minnesota. They were having their Unplugged concert event and asked instructors to demonstrate.  So that's what I did, I turned bowls on my Spring pole lathe on Saturday. Lot's of folks had never seen one in use, or were unfamiliar to the history of turning bowls.  Part part of my passion is turning folks on to older ways of doing things, ways that still have merit in today's fast paced, Industrial-techno-profit driven world.  Ways that give meaning to the items we use, a story, a connection to people and place. So it was a fun day and I turned a few bowls too.

Remember Ian? my friend and helper from on the birch bark canoe finished this past summer? Well he lives up the road from the school and he just finished his first full size canoe.  He did a great job.  Ian lives with his girlfriend Rachel in a 16ft Yurt he build himself. Pretty cool. I wish I was thinking, I would have taking photos of his yurt too. Here's a few photo's of his canoe.