Wooden Spoons and Snowshoes

Here's the same spoons painted up a bit. I'm trying hard to get good pictures. I think these are better but still need work.  The plan is to have my stuff for sale on my website and trying to get good photos and a system in place to take good photos whenever I have new stuff to put up on my site. Getting the website up and running to potentially make some income is and has been a long and tiring process, for a woodworker.  But I'm almost there. A few more days and I'll have that part of my site up and running, then we'll see.

Here's some of the same spoons from the last post, which photo do you like?

I've also been working on some snowshoes, some new ones that need to be woven up and a few repair jobs that I've been putting off. The other day I got some help from my youngest daughter Rena.

It's never a dull moment around here....always lot's to explore, create, do. I just roll my eye's when my  teenager says she's bored........
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