A Cree Shovel and SomeToboggans

This past week was a flurry of activity around the shop. I had a few fellows come up to make toboggans. This class is always the first weekend of February.  Bill came early and made a Cree Hunter's shovel before the Toboggan class over the weekend. Please look at the past post on the shovel, and if you have time watch the movie linked, The Cree Hunter's of Misstassini, it is a great movie. The Toboggan class was great fun as well. We bent local white ash that I milled into boards from a friends wind falls and later re-sawed into thin staves/planks for the toboggans. We used copper rivets and clench nails to fasten the cross bars to the staves/planks. I don't have a lot of time to write, as today I'm going to attempt to bend up 8-10 pair of snowshoes for a class this weekend, more on that later. Enjoy the photos.

Using wedges to split out the shovel blank

splitting nice

hewing down to size

more hewing

after layout,splitting some of the extra wood off

using an elbow adze to hollow the shovel

fine tuning with carving gouge

proud maker of a shovel

bent up and ready to assemble

view of jig

staves in steam box

Bob using a plane to taper the end

Hide(he-day) setting up to assemble

working hard

Hide using his crooked knife to trim

Bill's long toboggan

nice toboggan's fellas, great work!
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