New Tools and a Nuthatch

A few days ago, my friend Mike stopped by for a 2 day visit and to play in the shop. I met Mike at North House Folk School, where he was an intern last year. He is a talented wood carver and like all of us who get bit by the bug, needs more tools.  We set up a few days to make some hook tools for his future pole lathe bowl turning adventures and also at the last minute, decided to forge some Twca Cam....I've always wondered how to pronounce this word. I believe it's Welsh, and recently I've read it is pronounced "Too-car-caw" if I have this wrong please let me know. They are long handled hook knives. I made some for myself as well. Mike also showed off a new cup he had made,it was a little Nuthatch carved from birch and painted. This little cup was mind blowing to me! I think it's awesome. He said he was going to try a Chickadee next. Hopefully his new the twca cam will help. He also gifted us with really nice small serving spoon carved from crooked birch.
drawing out the blade

bench grinder, kinda accurate

angle grinder, pretty accurate

hand filing, very accurate

some finished and unfinished hooks

ready for handles

carving the handles

some of the bowl turning hooks and twca cam

The Nuthatch

Mike's small serving spoon
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