Old Swedish Drinking Bowls and Making a Knife Sheath

I stay up late at night a few evenings a week scouring the Internet for old pictures or things of interest to me. I found a great website with tons of photos. This is a digital museum with lot's of Swedish photos. I found the wooden bowls and fell in love with the shapes. These bowls are mostly from the early to late 1800's but some in the photos are from the mid 1700's. These are drinking bowls. Yes there was a time when folks drank out of bowls not cups. Pottery was not available in the rural areas so wood was the material of choice for almost everything. I personally find the rural Swedish wooden items of great interest. Here's 2 bowls of many that inspire me.

 Here a 2 photos of some of what I've been turning as of late. Inspired by the bowls above as well as the many others I've found. These will spend a few weeks drying and then get some oil and some paint.

  Now for the sheath making....I have made simple sheath out of birch bark for many years. I usually do the wrapping with thin strips of bark. There is a few other approaches to these styles of sheaths, one is to wrap them with root, split and peeled. I made a few tonight, one for April's scissors, and one for a new knife I made a few days ago. Carving knives need sheaths there are no if's, and's or but's, a razor sharp carving tool will not stay sharp very long without one. I hope some of you reading this will get a little insight to something new you can do for your self and your knife. If you don't have birch bark or root use something you do have try different barks or roots of any type or cardboard and twine. I hope the photos speak for themselves. Practice with cardboard and string or some such.

Now here's some old ones and a little more complex...

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