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Professional Photographs


We have also been busy making, teaching and doing the typical summer stuff of visiting friends and grilling meat, swimming, mowing grass etc... the grass mowing seems to be a constant this year.

I've been teaching a bunch of cradle board classes around the area at a few of the Ojibwe reserves.  I've taught 2 so far with 3 more scheduled this month.  If you have not heard or seem these they are indigenous baby carrying device. I decide today that I'll try do a nice entry on them separately later this month.

We had a professional photographer come out and take some photos of  us at work last week. I will be re working our website before the November, at least that's my goal. I also got some advice and tutelage on how to take some good photos of our work. Really good stuff to learn about and he took some really great photos. I hope you enjoy them.