1830's Toboggan

It's busy with it being the end of summer, finishing up a few projects and the last cradle board class Friday.

We are about to attend one of the best events around these parts. I might be a little bias as I help organize it too. The Lake Superior Traditional Ways Gathering is a skill sharing gathering focusing on traditional skills from around the world. Most of the stuff shared is pre-industrial methods. Another reason it's a good event is that it really captures the spirit of sharing. We charge just a modest fee for camping and all classes are free or almost, with the exception of some materials fees on certain classes. We have over 40 plus classes and workshops in 6 days.....check it out here.

I'm also sending off a toboggan to a museum tomorrow. This one is put together with rawhide lashing and riven parts, although the main planks are sawn. This was fun to build, It's going to a museum exhibit about a Metis (mixed blood, Native American-French) trapper/guide. I'm also making a pair of snowshoes for the exhibit later in September.

I also am traveling and attending a very special event starting in the middle of next week...I'll write a nice post on the event and my travels in September. Until then.....

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