New Band Saw (Well Sort Of)

     If you read the last post you understand that there are some big changes going on around here. I'm almost done with the yurt, I should be done be the weekends end (pictures to come soon). While pondering my changing tool list over the past few months, I've been looking at turning saws also known as frame or bow saws. I needed something to replace my electric band saw that will soon be stored away. I already have another great tool for cutting wood into shapes, an axe. These two tools will be my band saw, although I might also build a bigger turning saw for larger cutting tasks. Here is where I bought the saw, they have a good info on turning saws and construction details. I bought the kit and made the saw myself. It will work good for cutting out the box tops and bases for the birch bark, bentwood and shrink boxes.
    As for the yurt I'll be setting it up today for a trial fitting of the frame and rafters. I have to see just how wide I need to build the door frame otherwise the wall sections combined circumference will be too big or small for the rafter length. I'll post some photos of the yurt frame in a day or two. Stay tuned.

new band saw

peeling rafter poles for the yurt

yurt rafters

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