More Wooden Spoons

     Sorry to be writing about wooden spoons again. Over the years I've always like to post with a bit of variety. I'm just not doing much else. Carving spoons, thinking about wooden spoons, taking pictures of wooden spoons, looking at pictures of wooden spoons on the Facebook page and of coarse eating with wooden spoons.

     A few weeks ago I gave a presentation titled "The World of Wooden Spoons" I touched on the history of the spoon, how to make them and I highlighted my trip to Spoonfest in England. I also talked about the idea of actually using handmade good in our lives, not just spoons.

     Now I'm scheduled to give a brief presentation at Chequamegon Bay Arts Council or CBAC at it's annual meeting on Monday night. CBAC helped me get to England last year.

     I'll also be meeting up with a few very serious and very talented spoon carvers from the upper Midwest up at Del Stubb's place to carve, visit, and try out some tools. Besides being one hell of a nice guy Del makes some of the best spoon carving knives and his website has a ton of info relating to wooden spoons. Check out Del's site here

     I'm also booked up to teach at Spoonfest in the UK this year. More on that later.

     I found out that one of my spoons made a printed book that was just published and on the shelves for sale. I'm proud that one of my spoons made it into the book with some of the world's top and well known spoon carver's. You buy the book here, it's fun and has a lot of great spoons in it. It's mind blowing really. Who would have know about this little subculture of woodworkers.

     Spoons, spoons, spoons....etc....etc....

     I sat down and carved spoons 5 days straight a week or so ago. I wrote about it in the last post. Well, I did it but after day 3 my neck started to feel it. I carved 30 plus spoons in all but most of them were carved in the first 3 days. So now I know. I'll be carving spoons in 3 or 4 day stints. I sat down and painted them this week. It was well below 0F degrees all this week. It went down to -20F a few nights. Good project to stay inside and paint spoons. I did get into a new design element. So that was another great learning part of my experiment.

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