First You Tube Short-Spoon Carving with a large handled spoon knife

     This is a very short and quickly made video. I'm testing the waters with this one. The tool I'm using is a large handled spoon knife. In Welsh it's know as a Twca cam. I did a little post on this tool last year. This on is designed by my friend and professional spoon carver Barn Carder. He is one of the organizers of Spoonfest and lives in the UK. This tool is tricky to get to learn how to use, but once you put your time in it gets real good. This type of hook knife was used by production spoon carvers all over the Europe. It has a lot torque with the large diameter handle. Great for carving all day so you can still pick up a fork at dinner time. I'm looking to put up a few more later this winter/spring.

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