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Bowl of Spoons and Thought of Sugaring Season


     I have been preoccupied with making some of those wooden brooms I posted about, spoon carving (imagine that), developing a spoon carving knife with my friend and blacksmith KJ Groven, tapping maple trees and general sugar bush stuff and teaching a few classes, oh yea and I'm making a pair of replica snowshoes for a museum exhibit. The snowshoes will get their own blog post soon.
     Spring is almost full swing and most days will be filled with hauling 100's of gallons of sap, hopefully. Last year the weather was so unusual that we couldn't tap. Having to by maple syrup was a real eye opener. Our ultimate goal is to use nothing but local sugars so this spring season is an important one.
     Here's a few photos...
we're ready for the run

some spoons ready for paint and or oil

time in with the crooked knife