Wille Sundqvist, Sweden and Ash Log Harvest

     This will be an excellent film. This man is pretty much responsible for 1000's of wooden spoon being carved around the world. Here's the link to info on the film project here at Peter Follansbee's blog. I'll hopefully finally be able to meet him when I get over to Sweden to teach this summer at Taljfest or Carvefest. Check out these links for more info here is the Taljfest facebook page and here is the info  at the website of Saterglantan, Sweden's premier folk school where it will be held.
     Today we had some visitors and new friends from Germany and Austria and a new local friend who is learning basketry from April stop by today to help harvest and pound an ash log. Got a few photos and a short video.

tree falling

lots of heart wood

hauling it out

peeling the log before pounding

close up of rings ready to be pulled off

     Maples are flowing better and looks like I'll be boiling some sap tomorrow. Then off to take a birch bark weaving class with Vladimir Yarish, a well known Russian birch bark weaver, who will be up at North House.

     I'm still writing on the whole art and craft subject. It's seems to be turning into a chapter of info. I might have to change my ideas on how I want to approach the subject.

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