Bark Canoe Build

     I've been meaning to get to the computer to write a post for a few days now, alas time just slips by. I call it the summer time warp. It's when you sit down for a cup of coffee in the morning, take a few sips while thinking about your day, look at the clock and low and behold one hour has gone by! yikes!
     You all know I gathered some bark for a canoe a few weeks ago. Last week we set up the building bed and pretty much build a canoe in 4 days. I had help from a few friends with lashing, and Lindy, the apprentice on the project if you will, spent a considerable time putting the crooked knife to the ribs.
     Looks like I will not have time to give this post the time it needs to cover all of it. So, I'll temp you with a few photos and promise to write a better post next week with more photos and a video.
    I'm off to teach a class on etched birch bark basketry at North House tomorrow.....

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