Winterer's Gathering at North House Folk School

     I've just returned from North House. Every year they host a gathering that focuses on the snow and cold loving people and regions of the world. This event has a arctic film fest as well. A lot of northern themed films and talks with some of the leading folks in that realm. A variety of arctic explorers, film makers, and some of the more well known winter camping advocates are in seen in attendance along with folks that are just beginning to explore their interest in this kind of thing along with seasoned veterans on the winter world.  The school also has workshops running during the event as well. Of the few classes offered, I was teaching how to make and design crooked knives and how to carve a Cree hunter's snow shovel. Later in the weekend John Beltman was teaching a snowshoe making class.
   All good fun and at night it felt like winter with temperatures down to 0 f/-17 c. It's a good thing I have a good sleeping bag, but I admit I got a little cold the last two nights. 
   The highlight for me was the intern exhibit. North House usually has 3 interns for a year term. They live on site, work on site, get class credits, and get to use the class room spaces and tools. This gives them a chance to explore the different genre's that are taught at the school.
    Two of the interns I got to know fairly well as they both were in a few of the classes I teach there. The third intern Matt, who happened to be a intern years earlier when the intern program started ended up being hired by the school. I'll be seeing Matt around campus.
    Lindy was my main helper on this year's canoe. He went back to the school and build a 17ft birch bark canoe for his final project. I'm really proud of his work and happy to have helped get him started. 
     Angela made an very impressive collection of watertight containers from coopered vessels to birch bark tube canisters. We carved a few spoons together in the evenings after class as well. She respectfully put up with my non stop talk of spoon design.
     I wish them the best....

Here's the photos....
shaping a crooked knife handle with axe
layout of crooked knife handle shape
trying out their new knives
Angela finishing up a bucket
new shovel
Mike finishing up his shovel

pulling put wood from the steam box
bending frames into jig
Angela's water tight vessels
sweet bucket!

Some of Lindy's display
Some of Matt's display
Lindy and I in front of his canoe.

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