Robin Wood's Teaching at North House

     If you have been a reader of my blog you will know that I teach at North House Folk School. It's a fantastic place to learn, nestled right on Lake Superior in the town of Grand Marais, Mn.  The school is one of the older folk schools in the country, creeping up to 20 years old.
    This year Robin Wood will be offering a class at the school on bowl turning with the pole lathe. If you have not heard of Robin his website is here. I met Robin over at the bodger's forum a few years ago when I was learning to turn on the pole lathe, later I attended the first and second Spoonfest and got to know him personally. He's a great guy and very skilled teacher, a knowledgeable craftsman and good friend. I'm happy to have helped get him over here to help spread the 'Wood Culture Renaissance'.
    There will be a high demand for this class so the school decided to have a lottery for enrollment. You'll have from March 1 to the 7th to get on the list.
    Here is the link to info
It will be good.

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