Winter Spoon Carve-O-Rama

     I've been carving spoons and turning bowls this week. I've streamlined my spoon carving process fully incorporating the spoon mule. It's saving me much stress on my wrists which in the long term will be a really good thing. I put a bunch of spoons up on my website yesterday, many have sold already.  The ale bowls will be ready later this week. I'm really happy with the shapes of this next batch of bowls. I've also been preparing for what's looking to be a great weekend.
    One Friday a few of the best spoon carvers in the county will show at my place to visit, carve together, and talk about wooden spoons. We we'll also be discussing the ideas of forming a regional greenwoodworking group/association. So stay tuned for what ideas we come up with. 
    Being within the wood culture renaissance there will be some fine ale's filling our collection of drinking vessels along with fine food, served and eaten from wooden plates and bowls....I'll write up on this early next week with photos. Do any of you use wooden spoons on a daily basis?

a few spoons being finished up

ready to go to good homes for daily use

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