The Greenwood Spooncarver's Collective

    You can look at it like a musician having a collaborative side project. Mike Loeffler and I have started such a side project and we call it The Greenwood Spooncarver's Collective. The idea has been brewing for some time.

-How can nice, well designed hand carved wooden spoons become more common place?
-How can we stimulate the market for hand carved spoons and educate retailers as well as consumers?
-How can we encourage young folks into this type of work (spoon carving and greenwood working) on a professional or semi professional level?
-How can makers participate in developing these ideas in the broader markets and culture?

These are just some of the questions that can be answered as this collective develops. The idea is for spooncarver's to agree to carve the same design spoons in order to create a large inventory. We'll use this inventory to supply larger retailers like food coops, high end kitchen stores and the like. By working with more production style spoon designs we can still create great spoons that will be a step up from the cheap imported spoons you see around. Affordable but made with great skill.  We've developed a few designs that can be made quickly so we can keep the price down. These spoon designs are meant to fit for folks who want something different, something better than those "fair trade" goods or the cheap factory machine made spoons. Call it a spoon that is an intro into the fine wooden spoon world. 

We inviting any spooncarver who is interested in joining this collective to step forward. We are looking for folks who can carve the models we have developed. We'll send templates and examples of the spoons. There's more details relating to price per spoon and how the payment works but that's for email or a phone call.

There is much more to this, a website that has our one off spoons as makers, tools for sale, and a spooncarving network. These are being developed behind the scenes, stay tuned.

Send an email for more details to

the first three completed templates
finished spoons and spreaders with templates

the pile is building

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