The Apprentice

It's raining, cold and almost snowing. I'm not ready for winter just yet, but what can I do? Put my head down and work. This reminds me of the early days of learning and the lessons I learned. Sometimes it's not fun, nor does it half to be, it does not even have to be judged at all. That big firewood pile still has to be cut and split regardless of what I think about it.

Now... I'm not lamenting or brooding about my life. I love it!

I've been thinking about craft, learning, and the future. This brings me to the things I've learned to help me understand, to shape my temperament, my way of carry on get shit done. We all have to do it, right?

Today I've also had to put my elderly dog down, maybe that's the has set the tone here and has caused the reflectiveness. Tough stuff.

What would an apprenticeship look like in the modern age? Here at my place? or for others? Who wants to learn and at what cost (not money). Is the future of traditional craft riding on it? Why are not more craftsperson offering apprenticeships? I'm sure that there are some, but it sure is not anywhere near as compared to the height of the craftsperson era, pre-industrial era. It doesn't seem part of our ethos. Or is it?

Check this out. It's a good read on Apprenticeships.....from the Art of Manliness. Which is a great blog.

Thanks Jeff for the link