Photos of Sweden

Mostly some photos for you folks....

I stayed with craftsmen Ramon Persson's and his family in Motala. I first met him at North House a few years back. Ramon makes many things but is very well know for his birch bark canisters. Check out his site here for a eye popping experience.

Ramon's spoon collection

Ramon's new boxes ready for paint, Ramon works in batches, production work.

Here he is working on some knife sheathes

Ramon took me to visit the well known tool maker Hans Karlsson's shop. It was great to see the smithy and visit with his sons Johan and Andreas, who seem to be taken over much of the business. Drew Langsner sells his tools here in the states. Check his site out here.

I new heat. I got a small burn from touching one of these.

Some of the power, air hammers as well as a home made drop hammer for drifting the eye of axes and adzes. This is in the forging area.

fields of flax

these make the oil....

When in Borås I spent some time with Svening Svenningson, looking at old turned objects. This was a really nice experience as I was able to handle the bowl, boxes, etc...

Svening holding a giant turned ale vessel

fancy multi layer boxes

beautiful shelves with beautiful stuff

We don't see pollards in Wisconsin

more wooden goodies

this was a very nice collection of wooden objects.

I hope you enjoyed these.....there are many more to come in the next few weeks.

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