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My New Spoon Carving Video

jarrod dahl

This fall April and I filmed how to videos. April did one on ash basketry and I did one on spoon carving. I just got word that the spoon carving video is out and ready to purchase. Looks like you can download it or get a dvd copy. The basketry video will be out in February and I'll announce it when it gets closer.

This was a very interested experience for us being the focus of interest and on that side of the camera. We've both been on tv and interviewed at random times in the past but not with a very direct focus. It's very different but the beauty is that you can retake things. In the end it was a great experience and the crew from Popular Woodworking was great to work with. 

Here's a link to Popular Woodworkings Website were you can purchase it

Of coarse there are things I wish could be different, things that I said or even stuttered when saying but in the end there is a lot of good footage of me carving which anyone should be able to learn a few things from. I hope you enjoy it.