Up and Coming Workshops- Minneapolis, Port Townsend, London and Sweden and more


This year is the year of travel for me.

The first part of this year has been a interesting one. There was lot's of travel. I've been to and from the San Francisco Bay Area visiting my sweetheart. While out there I ran 3 workshops in the Bay Area and one in Portland. I also spent 3 weeks adzing 750 fence parts as well as some giant timber log benches for my friend Greg Reeb. If you follow my Instagram feed you will have seen photos from all this. I am currently writing and editing a blog post about my experiences adzing those parts.

I am writing this as I settle in after teaching at Greenwood Fest in Plymouth, MA, where I taught pole lathe turning and did some demos. If you missed it, Greenwood Fest is a must attend event. Over 150 great folks were there carving, eating, and sharing stories of craft and life, and I got to work with some of the best greenwood workers in the world. What could be better?

For the next two months, besides two back to back workshops at North House, I will be staying home. I will be spending 2 weeks teaching a fellow funded by Pennsylvania's Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program here in my shop.  I am also really excited to make, to set up my new lathe, grill meat, and spend time with my daughters.

There is still room at North House's Spoon Carving Workshop

In August, the teaching tour begins again with two classes at Port Townsend School of Woodworking then in September, Spoon Carving in Minneapolis MN then over to London and Sweden!

I'll be teaching two pole late turning workshops at my friend Barn Carder's Greenwood Guild in London. The first is fully booked, but there is room in the second class. You can check out the details here. I am sure you know who Barn is, but if not, he runs the Guild and a spoon shop, and just released an awesome book called Spon. I have known Barn since the first SpoonFest and it's great to be working with him on this. His site is here.

The Sweden leg of the trip has more of a story to it. A few years ago I studied in the old turning region of Borås. You can read about it here in an old blog post. This year I will be going back to teach pole lathe turning in Gothenburg. I'll also be doing some talks and demos about the work historically turned in the area and my current work inspired by it. It seems there may be a growing interest in pole lathe turning in Sweden, so I'm excited to be part of it. Anders Lindberg, a talented craftsperson, and the Västra Götalandregionen Västarvet was instrumental in getting these workshops going. There will be info on my workshops page on how to sign up as the details get finalized.

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Many of these workshops are nearly fully booked so if you are workshop inclined don't hesitate. It'll be a blast! or give it as a gift. I bring and share a massive amount of craft experience to my workshops. 



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