I want to announce that over the next month and at least a little beyond , I’ll be writing regularly here. It’s been awhile since the last post. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with the idea that blogs and blogging is a dying medium. It maybe already be dead and we just don’t know it yet or…. it’s alive and well, but it’s not what it once was. Who knows…it’s really hard to tell.

I’ve got our last trip to Japan to write about. In fact, I’ve written 3 versions and deleted all of them. It’s just too much of a trip to write about all in one post. I’ve concluded that it would be best to break the trip into different posts. This way I can cover the whole trip and touch on the subtleties of each part of the trip. We met so many great folks and had such an amazing time that the story really demands it.

I’ll write weekly, likely over the weekend or on Sunday. So, please look forward to catching up with what I’ve been up too and I hope it will inspire.


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