old truck

Well after the past few weeks I'm rethinking my approach with this truck.  Last week I headed up to North House Folk School http://www.northhouse.org/programs/events/woodenboatshow.htm to do some demos. On my way up, I burned out a front wheel bearing. I had to get the truck towed and fixed at a shop, not my usual approach , but I had to be at the School, not on the side of the road fixing a wheel bearing. All said and done $375....Today went to town and noticed gear oil leaking out of seal in rear transaxle....so...do I sell this truck or put $ into it? I remember when 1990's vehicles were fairly new for a used car, well time goes by and I think I just realized that the 1990's are 20+ years ago! Yikes.

This weekend I'm heading up to Grand Marias again to take a class with a Swedish Folk Art's instructor Ramon Persson. He's teaching a class on Naver or Birch Bark Boxes. I'm really excited and I'll post pictures and a little something about the class when I get back.