Second Growth Birch Bark

Once in awhile I find trees that have been peeled years earlier that have grown new outer bark. Here are a few photos of one such tree, peeled about 4-7 years ago.  Lot's of people think that peeling birch trees will kill them, here is proof  that it is not always the case.  There are a lot of factors in why a tree might die. I've peeled trees that were half dead, or with a heavy infestation of birch borer and after peeling them they might die, but were most likely going to die either way, why not use the bark. Then folks come along and see the dead peeled birch tree....and come to the conclusion that the person who peeled the tree killed the tree.....not always the case.
new bark is a dark color and very thin
I cut a small piece healthy inner bark, with new thin outer bark
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