Bowl Turning with Robin Wood

While I was in England for the Spoonfest and the Crooked Knife class Robin and I spent some time at his workshop on his lathe. It meant a great deal to me to be able to do this as Robin has been a big inspiration to me as a pole lathe bowl turner. I got to watch him work and he gave me some lessons on turning nests, which is getting two or more bowls from one bowl blank. I had been turning these at home for some time and with pretty good results after many "lessons" that ended up in the firewood pile. But being able to see the techniques first hand from a master pole lathe bowl turner was awesome.  I'd like to add that I was also very impressed by the speed at which Robin turns a bowl, something that only years of experience at production turning will give.  Sadly I have only these two pictures for now as my hard drive crashed the other day and my other photos are being retrieved, luckily. I'll add more pictures of the bowls I turned while there after I get them and my other computer back up and running. Here is a link to a video of pole lathe bowl turning here. I've also been carving lot's of spoons, still inspired after Spoonfest. Now I'm off to the North House to demonstrate......bowl turning with a pole lathe and to sell spoons.