Unplugged at North House

I headed up to North House last week for a few days of demonstrating and with my goods on display for sale. The school has a Unplugged concert series every year and a few artisan/instructors come to demonstrate. I always love going up to the school because I always feel inspired to make things when I'm there, I think many of us do. The school is an inspiring place. Evening time seems to be filled with more making, creating, visiting and of coarse laughter. A few trips ago during the evenings after the day attending the birch bark box class I was teaching a few of us sat around and carved spoons til the wee hours...most nights are like that up at the school. Beth, this years intern walked by the class room one late night with all of us carving away and remarked "you folks are all strung out on craft" Ha! But it's true and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Here are some pictures from this past weekend. Hand craft is alive and well in the northern Midwest!

Roger is a spring pole lathe turner and instructor
Beth is one of this years interns and a birch bark weaver, nice back pack!
Fred Livesay's spoons in progress
Fred giving a talk on spoon carving
Jo wood's work with beads
Tina Fung Holder lives in my area and is a fantastic weaver of all sort
Jon Strom and his bread boards
Elise felting away the wool
Ian Andrus's work
Ian pounding ash splint for weaving
splitting splint with a splitting brake