Crooked knife and Cree shovel class

    I'll write a quick post before I get outside for a day of unpacking and misc cleanup. We are now into the late fall and there still is no snow and days are surprisingly warm. I'll take advantage of this weather and get some stuff off the ground before the snow. I arrived back home late last night from another great time at North House. Please take a look at the last post for the event details. This year I taught 2 classes back to back.  A 2 day crooked knife class and the Cree hunters shovel class. In the knife class we make a custom fit knife with pre-made blades. The particapants spend a fair amount of time with the carving or sloyd knife learning different grips or grasps while making the handle. We also have lot's of time to share stories and talk about woodworking and what not. We also spent some time splitting or riving some birch logs. This is "old school"stuff and a lot of fun. In my shovel class  we started this one out with whole logs. We used the wedges and sledge to make our "boards" and the axe to rough shape the shovels...then finish with the knife. I had a great time with these great folks. In my classes I really try to impart what I feel is a very important perspective in that the real experience with woodworking or most everything for that matter, is the process.... not the finished item. If I could sell the idea of a "process and practice" class without any tangible items at the end I would do it. Love the process.....

On Saturday Seth Kantner spoke and gave a slide show presentation. If you need some very good books to read get his books. Here is his website.

I didn't get many photos besides a quick few around my classes.

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