Snibbskalen and My New Website

What's Snibbskalen? they are eared bowls for drinking. I don't speak Swedish but I understand that these bowls were for drinking ale and such from. I spent my last day on the lathe before the building it lives in gets torn down. The birch I turned was getting a bit to the edge of solid, the bark was left on all summer and with birch it does not take long to start the decay process i.e. spalting. It does not turn so well either unless you take your time and keep your tools very sharp. It tends to tear a bit in the end grain areas, but that's the way it is and was for 1000's of years...the bowls will still hold soup or ale just the same.  I ended up turning a few eared bowls for the up and coming Christmas show at the American Swedish Institute in Mnpls, Mn. These will be painted and oiled with the pile of bowls turned earlier.

Later in December I will be building a new space just for the lathe and it will be called..."The Lathe House".... it's where my pole lathe and a chopping block will live...that's it. See past post on "burning down my shop" if you need to be brought up to speed.

I also have been spending time carving many spoons, so far I have over 40, plus plans to carve everyday for the next few days or maybe forever. I'm loving it. The sound and feel the wood gives off when cut with a sharp knife. I'll be posting some photos of them soon and there will be some for sale.

I've been spending a few nights here and there over the past month creating a new website. It's finally up and running and can be viewed here on on the link at the side of this blog. I'll be adding more content a little at a time over the next few weeks. I have spent a lot of time writing with the thought to keep the info short and sweet. Next is to take a bunch of photos with my new lens. Here's a few. Stay tuned.

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