June-part one

    As I mentioned in the last post June has been a whirl wind. It's still spinning. It looks like the summer time warp is up to full power and speed. It's hard to believe it will be July very soon.
    The first thing I have to say it that the mosquitoes this year SUCK! literally and figuratively. They are horrible. If you stand outside for a few minutes there will be 50 to 100 buzzing away ready to do what they do. It's a bit unnerving. Smoke from fires help. I use an old coffee can with a small smudge fire going when I'm out working. I love the wild lands I live in but this year has been hard. It seems to be the topic of many conversations here.
    Robin Wood and Jojo were here for a few weeks. We did all kinds of things mentioned before, but what I'll remember most will be the laughs and sharing meals together and the quite times shaving cedar down for canoe parts. We had great discussions on spoon design, craft, art, etc...all those things you'd expect. Good stuff. I'll post a few pictures of some of the process and the events attended, folks and friends both new and old over the next few posts.
    I've also attended North House's Wooden Boat show this past weekend and another workshop on pole lathe hook tool making this next weekend. We also have a bunch of workshops lined up over the next few weeks; basketry and spoon carving. Busy busy....
Here are some photos from the build and Robin's turning class at North House.

peeling root

boiling root

smudge pot for mosquitoes

Robin trying our the birch here before the class

At North House, discussing turning

great old ash basket a friend gave me while I was there

focused crowd

Robin also discusses hook tools
Then there's this guy. It was great to finally meet Peter F.

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