June- part two

     Things are good here on the first day of July. We've been having cooler temperatures which keeps the mosquitoes slow and hid away. Today it's raining and cool. It feels good.
     I'm settling up the details to visit Sweden again this year. I've been invited to teach at a museum in Sörmlands, which is south of Stockholm. They are hosting a Skedfest or Spoonfest this August. I'll be teaching a few classes and doing a few talks as well. So I've been looking online at train tickets and figuring out how to navigate the trip. It looks like I'll be able to see a few rural museums. One museum in particular is in Borås. This museum has lot's of turned bowls, boxes and other interesting wooden object. I'll be bringing my camera to do documentation and research. I have a few other rural museums on my list as well as the museum that is hosting Skedfest. Really good stuff. Well at least for me a wood geek. There is much to plan for while I'm there and things are still in the works. The really cool thing about Sweden is that there is a network of craft consultants through the National Swedish Handcraft Council These folks are there to help folks in the craft world. I've met a few folks that work as consultants when I went over last year. They are helping me with some of the details. For this I am very grateful. I'll add more on this as time goes on.
     I'm also taking the family on a trip down to Vesterheim in Decorah Iowa in July to look at their collection of ale bowls and spoons. They have a few hundred of each as well as other countless wooden items. I'll be adding something here on that trip too.
    Now back to the canoe build. We left off with root peeling and Robin's turning class. Here are some more photos from the following week or so.

getting cedar in the swamp
carrying it out
this will make ribs and sheathing

Robin splitting some cedar
canoe staked out and ready for lashing

carving the gunwales
older boats in the fleet (one's for sale)

Robin working on gunwale
Spoon Gathering in Milan MN
Mike Loeffler's sweeeeet bird bowls

Tom D sewing some bark
Splitting the stem for bending

Tom D's work station. He made all the ribs for the boat
another shot of the canoe
A lot of shaving. These smell wonderful too

filled ale bowls at the end of the day

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