Birch Bark Canoes

Over the last 2 weeks I built a 16ft birch bark canoe. We launched it today. What a great boat. This one is my 10th canoe. I'm always learning, but this one shows a few things that have settled into what I see as my "style", like the stem ends and general hull shape that seems to be similar in all my boats. I build these boats entirely by eye. This one has all riven(hand split) wood but instead of shaved down with the crooked knife I made a compromise and shoved the split to rough size parts through the thickness planer. It's a great compromise that still allows for the strength of the riven wood. ( If you don't like my comprise don't bother to post a comment, thank you) 

I won't say too much more as I've posted plenty of this process in the past. If you want those details spend a little time searching my past blog posts. It's pretty easy, just type in birch bark canoe in the search box and read away.

In a few days April and I will be heading to the UK. I'm pretty excited to be traveling with my wife.  We both will be teaching good old handcraft over there too. Fun times with great friends. 

Some of you may already know this, but for social media all I do is Instagram at this point. I added a photo of two of the canoe build every day. It's all there if you care to follow. I try to add a photo of my work, good food, or miscellaneous random but interesting stuff daily. Follow here

I've not been super active writing it's been far too busy, but I'm in it for the long haul... 


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