Swedish Craftsman Anders Lindberg at North House


I’m not sure when I first heard about Anders Lindberg. But when I did I spent hours looking over over the photographs of his often colorful and playful work on his website. Anders is a long time greenwoodworker and craftsman from Göteborg Sweden. He is also the author of two books about greenwoodworking, unfortunately in Swedish. Many folks don’t know about Anders outside of Sweden where he is a well respected craftsman.

I first met him at the Täljfest 2013 in Sweden. We later worked together in 2017 when he invited me to come and teach pole lathe turning in and around Göteborg. Last spring he was in Chicago visiting his son when I was offering my first workshop for spoon carving instructors so he was able to attend.

Part of my job as one of the lead instructors at North House Folk School is to help find new instructors including foreign instructors. When asked who we could invite for this years North House’s Unplugged music event and fundraiser I couldn’t think of a better person than Anders.

Anders has a wealth of knowledge about greenwoodworking in general but specializes in drawknifed post and rung chair making. He will be offering a 6 day chair and 4 day stool making workshop this September. If I ever make a chair, it will be inspired by his colorful and knife finished work.

These classes are a rare and special opportunity to learn from a very unique master craftsperson. Plus he’s a great guy.